The Definitive Guide to the Superbox S5 Max Android TV Box (Updated Review-2024-06)

An in-depth and fully updated review of the Superbox S5 Max Android TV box in 2024. We test features, performance, content library, remote usage, and more. Is this the best cord-cutting solution for live TV, movies, and shows on demand?

Unboxing and First Impressions

It comes with a remote that has voice control, and no batteries are included. The remote uses two AAA batteries, also included is an HDMI cord, user guide, power supply, and the Box itself, which is mostly a metal alloy case. It’s small, lightweight, it feels solid and premium

Price and Features

The Superbox S5 Max doesn’t require a monthly fee; the only thing you need to buy is the Box itself up front, which retails for around $359. It’s running Android 12 with a quad-core A53 ARM Cortex chip. Wi-Fi 6 is supported, and the dual antennas give you great Wi-Fi coverage, or you can use the gigabit Ethernet port if you want to go wired for maximum reliability.

The Remote

The remote is plastic, but the buttons are rubber and have a nice, clicky feel to them. All the usual suspects are here; you can even use the remote like a mouse if you prefer that way. 


Superbox claims the S5 Max can decode 6K H265 video at 60 FPS, which is impressive, but I doubt there are many viewers with higher than 4K TVs at the moment or 6K content available. My TV and monitor max out at 4K, so I can’t test the claim.


The front of the box has a clock on the right side. There’s a Micro SD card reader, USB 3 and two port and also a restore button. You can plug in extra storage, keyboard, mouse, controllers, or other devices here for various uses if you want to go beyond what’s offered in the Box. On the back the power plugs into the DC Port but there’s also IR, AV out for all the TVs, HDMI, ethernet and SPD audio which is nice to see. It’s a good set of options to fit most TVs and sound setups.

Easy Set Up

let’s plug it in and see how it works and the disclaimer says everything you need to know after it boots up for the first time.

Set up Wifi

There’s a straightforward setup process of basically adding your Wi-Fi details or choosing wired internet and then making sure the display fills the screen correctly as some TVs use overscan which I’m not going to get into in this video—just fill it in until you have no black borders on the main screen. 

Pair Bluetooth Remote

You can pair the Bluetooth remote if you want to use voice commands just press the microphone button and follow the prompts this way you won’t need to point the remote at the box to make it work. Voice control works pretty well too. I don’t use it personally but it’s quicker than typing on the remote if you don’t have a Bluetooth keyboard like I use. 

Install LiveTv ,BlueVod and Backup TV

Go to live TV to get the box up and running head to the apps section and the app we need isn’t showing. I think it takes some time to download it so what I ended up doing first was updating the box which went smoothly as there was an update available and the App Store eventually showed up a bit later. 

Install YouTube and other APP

The Google Play Store is also here if you want to download apps from it you can grab your favorite streaming apps, video players, or whatever else.

So the app store we need to install is this one. Press okay on the icon and it will be installed once it’s done. Head into it and another disclaimer you can select any app you like here but the ones you’ll be most interested in grabbing are the video-on-demand app including movies and TV, the TV app and Playback give you 85 channels you can play back for up to 7 days if you missed out on watching something in the past week. Backup TV is useful if a channel you want to watch has technical issues on the blue TV server. It’s basically a backup server and should allow you to watch the live TV channel that is down on the blue server. There are a bunch of other apps here I’m not going to pretend I know what all of them are but a quick Google search of each one will tell you what they do.

Once that’s done you can add the blue apps to the main screen as shortcuts where the plus icons are but I’ll just put them in their categories. Press the back button after adding the app—using the interface on the box is nice and smooth, and there’s no lag as you experience on some TVs that cheap out on the CPU but for the asking price well you’d expect it. The Superbox S5 Max includes 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of EMMC storage which is plenty for the main usage case. It is an Android box so you can also use it as a video player, browse the web or even play games on it if you really want to. There’s a lot an Android box can do but the main function of this one is the streaming of TV and video on demand.

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