An In-Depth Review of the Superbox Elite Ultra

Unboxing the Golden Deals Superbox Elite Ultra Bundle

When the folks over at Golden Deals USA reached out about testing their Superbox Elite Ultra bundle, I was eager to check it out. As an avid cord cutter always on the hunt for the best live TV and streaming options, this package caught my eye.

Full disclosure – while Golden Deals provided the bundle for review purposes, all opinions expressed here are my own. I’ve examined the device, tested its features extensively and am ready to share my honest findings.

First up, let’s dive into what all is included in this bundle. In addition to the sleek Superbox Elite Ultra itself, there’s a full set of accessories like a Bluetooth remote, keyboard/mouse combo, large capacity microSD card and USB drive for ample storage.

After unboxing the device and running through initial setup, I’ll cover the Elite Ultra’s specs, performance and user experience in depth. We’ll explore the Live TV selection, on-demand library and Android TV smarts. I’ll also outline some tips to maximize your experience.

Most importantly, I’ll be sharing my take on whether this bundle truly delivers on replacing the need for a cable subscription. Does it provide enough value for both entertainment and savings in the long run? Keep reading to find out my full assessment after putting it through its paces.

Stay tuned for full details on my testing of the Golden Deals Superbox Elite Ultra bundle and its ability to cut the cord for good.

Premium Build Quality and Robust Feature Set

Right off the bat, I was impressed with the Superbox Elite Ultra’s construction. Crafted from lightweight yet durable aluminum, it feels solid and looks sleek in any home theater setup.

Under the hood, it’s powered by Android 12 and packs a quad-core A53 processor for smooth multitasking. The Mali G31 GPU ensures seamless streaming up to 6K resolutions as display technologies continue to advance. Backed by 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, it has everything needed for an optimized user experience.

Connectivity options include dual-band Wi-Fi with Bluetooth for wireless convenience. There’s also Ethernet, infrared and AV ports for flexibility in any setup. Additional features like a TF card slot and dual USB ports allow for storage expansions down the road.

Around back, inputs include DC power, HDMI pass-through and optical audio. A small reset button makes troubleshooting a breeze if needed. Overall, the port selection and wireless abilities give it compatibility with virtually any entertainment center configuration.

First impressions out of the box? This device not only looks the part of a high-end streaming solution but has the hardware muscle under the hood to back it up for years of lag-free performance.

Setup Superbox Elite Ultra and Customizing the Settings

Alright, time to get this thing configured! I started by inserting batteries into the included remote. Then it was simply a matter of turning on the Elite Ultra for the first time.

The welcome screen provided quick instructions, so I agreed to the Terms of Service and connected to my home WiFi network. From there, it was on to screen setup using the remote’s arrows until it filled the display perfectly.

A few taps later and the initial configuration was complete. But to really get the most out of the device, there were a few extra steps worth taking.

First up in Settings – I renamed the box for easy recognition on my network. An update was also available, so I installed that post-haste. Adjusting the timezone and display resolution optimization capped off the initial personalization.

Some other tweaks included Bluetooth linking of the remote for true hands-free control. Privacy-minded users may want to turn off location services too.

The setup only took about 2 minutes total. And with those extra steps, I had full confidence the Superbox was now primed for big things ahead! Stay tuned for my full review after putting it through its paces.

Superbox Remote Control Bluetooth Pairing Guide

After settling in with the remote so far, I wanted full wireless convenience around the house. The Elite Ultra made this simple via Bluetooth pairing.

First Step: In Settings, I selected the “Bluetooth” option and initiated pairing for the “RC200” remote. From there, a quick press of the remote’s OK and back buttons engaged pairing mode, causing its LED to flash.

Second Step: Returning to the TV box, it instantly recognized the remote. The pairing was complete! Now I could freely control the unit from across the room.

To truly experience hands-free operation, I paired the remote for voice commands as well. This allowed summoning apps or searching for shows just by speaking.

The Setup Also Unlocks an App Ecosystem

Being built on Android TV provides access to Google’s expansive app marketplace. I signed into the Play Store using my Gmail for a full selection of entertainment, communication, and more.

Endless streaming services became available for installation with a single tap. The robust catalog of Android titles opened up an all-new dimension of casual gaming too.

Taking a few minutes to optimize connectivity and control custom-fitted the Elite Ultra perfectly to my smart home setup. Its versatility continued to impress as I explored more features.

Live TV Experience

With LimitLess, over 1500+ international channels covering all major networks and genres, the “Blue TV” app is one of the most robust channel selections available. Sports lovers will appreciate 24/7 dedicated stations for all major leagues. Reliable playback across varied networks was observed during testing.

Content Library Depth

With LimitLess While the free selection of live channels already provides great value, Superbox enhances this further with a massive 10,000+ VOD library. New movie/show releases are often added within days or weeks of hitting other platforms. Subtitles are also supported across non-English content.

Ad-Skipping and Customization

Compared to cable boxes with obligatory commercial breaks, the Elite Ultra allows 5-second ad-skipping on any VOD content. Users can also customize their guide with only preferred channels and even set up parental locks if needed.

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