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SuperBox S4 Pro – Android Box

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The SuperBox S4 Pro is the latest version of the SuperBox as of 2023, and it’s an Android TV box that lets you watch your favorite shows and movies. It has 2GB RAM and 32GB storage, making it a powerful multimedia device. The box supports an ethernet connection and dual-band WiFi, ensuring a stable streaming experience. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote control that has voice command and hotkey functions, making it easy to navigate and find what you want to watch.

Here is our Superbox Channels list


No Monthy bills: You only have to pay for the Superbox S4 Pro one time.

Voice Control: Superbox S4 Pro comes with a voice control function and remote. It helps you to find your channels and shows faster.

1,000+ HD Live premium channels and PPV: Superbox allows you to watch local and top cable channels without cable.
Network TV, Regional Locals, Sports Networks, 24/7 channels, PPV Events, NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NHL, Canada (English & French), Latino (Spanish), Philippines. It includes live news(sports, politics, entertainment, etc.) and TV shows. Check all updated channels listed here

10,000+ movies and TV series: All latest releases films, classic favorites, and everything in between.

All live sports packages in HD: Check Sports Network, NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAAF, and NHL to find your American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice hockey, Cricket, Soccer, MMA, Boxing, Golf.

7 Days Playback function: never miss any big news and your favorite sports matches.

Brilliant picture quality: Superbox supports 4K/6K Ultra HD resolution and High Dynamic Range, experiencing clarity and smoothness like never before.

Fully Loaded: Just plug it into your TV with AV or HDMI, connect to the Internet (WIFI or ethernet port), 5 mins Setup, and Go

Works in every country: All you need is a TV and an internet connection. Connect and Go! It’s also very convenient to carry and travel.

Product specification

ModelSuperBox S4 Pro
Operate SystemAndroid 9.0
ProcessorQuad-core ARM Cortex-A53
Storage32GB eMMC
Antenna2T2R (2 transmitters, 2 receivers)
WiFiDual Band (2.4G+5G)
EthernetNetwork RJ45 10/100M
Video DecoderH.265 4K@60fps
Power SupplyDC 5V/2A

44 thoughts on “Superbox S4 Pro – Android Box”

  1. I have a super 4 and can you instruct how to record on it and also to get closed captioning. as my hearing is terrible, thanks love the Super 4..

    • I don’t think you can record on device directly. I think there is a way to connect a DVR though. VOD has closed captions. Access settings(maybe hitting left or down button) while watching VOD, then choose closed caption. Under general setting go to accessibility menu, you can choose CC under that menu also. (Maybe works for live TV too). Pick your language if different than English.

  2. I love my S4 pro but I am always replacing the batteries in my remote. I’ve only had the device for 6 weeks and I’ve already replaced the batteries twice. The batteries are brand new and good quality.

  3. We got the Superbox S4 Pro last week. It has a ton of channels so there’s plenty to watch. My only complaint so far, is how often it freezes when watching a show and how often the show I’m watching freezes and then it says “Down for Maintenance”.
    It’s very annoying to the point I just have to turn it off and go to a streaming platform like Hulu, which is what we were going to replace with the Superbox. So now I’m trying to decide if we are going to keep it or return it.
    And it’s not my internet speed. I have 202 download and 302 upload speeds.

  4. I’m also having the same problem. Was just watching a movie and it kept freezing, all of a sudden it said down for maintenance. I’ve had the box 6 days. If this keeps up and unable to find a fix, I will return it.

  5. How can I set up parental controls on Superbox S4 pro, there is no parental control settings in the BLUE VOD settings tab or anywhere in the SB settings menu.

  6. Sad didn’t find any Category from Europe Chanel like France country might go back with the box call Formuler.10 Pro Max Excellent programation but there is a cost which is not expensive $229 Canadian for 14 months annually still have it & run it on mine second TV and friendly to use it Iormuler Box. I guess I will keep going with my Formuler subscription and use super box once a while they maybe in a future they maybe made some update to keep the customers happy or they will shut down the superbox Thanks all for your update I am French canadian

  7. Apparently they don’t check their messages. There is not one reply. This is going back and getting a negative review if this can’t be fixed quickly

  8. I’ve tried using my SuperBox several times and EVERY time it freezes up. I’ve checked my internet and that’s not the problem…SO NOW WHAT?


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