SuperBox S3 Pro Review – Best Android Box 2022 For USA

Today, we’re going to talk about the newest android box on the market. This thing is outstanding .it’s the Superbox S3 Pro fully loaded, fully voice-integrated android box.

There’s nothing like it in the market.

all right, before we get on the tv and show you all the cool features of this android box, let’s talk about what type of customer this box is for.
It is a fully loaded box; what does that mean? That means that this box is going to have free live tv for life.
It’s going to have free movies, tv shows on demand. Playback application if you miss your news or sports,
all that will be included in the box for life. Superbox has been around for years and has never gone down. I’ve enjoyed this; I’ve saved a ton of money by getting rid of cable boxes. These are fantastic.
Now, this particular box is one step above their older models. If you’re familiar with Superbox or monster box or any of those boxes out there that are fully loaded. They’re great; they’re fantastic. Some of them have excellent specs, but this one has one thing that those don’t
have and that is fully integrated voice command capability, so this is the remote

that comes on the new Superbox S3Pro.
This is crazy; all you need to do is hold down the blue button speak into it. Whatever channel you want, whatever movie you want, whatever actor you want to see, whatever director you enjoy and want to watch their films. I can say take me to the NFL red zone, and now I’m watching NFL red zone completely free.
speak pay-per-view UFC take me to UFC take me to pay-per-view channel.
Whatever you can do that from this remote right here, and I’m going to demonstrate that in just a few moments here on TV.
So what type of customer is this for? It is for somebody that wants to get rid of their cable bill altogether; you pay one initial fee for the box from that point on entirely free.

let’s get right on TV to take a look at it to show you all the cool features about it.

Take a look at it; this super box is fantastic. I’ve used Superboxes for years; they have saved me thousands and thousands of dollars on cable bills for many of our customers in the past.
As well, so firing it right back up, let’s take a look at what it offers.
Right out of the box now, you don’t have to pre-load anything on this; it’s all pre-loaded for you. So all you need to do is do a quick setup,

 The Setup of SuperBox S3 Pro

The Setup of SuperBox S3 Pro is similar to SUperBox S2 Pro, it is very easy. (watch our youtube video: the setup of Superbox s3 pro )

  • Setup wifi & internet

down at the bottom of your screen, you’re going to have your settings as the first thing you do, are you have to be connected to the internet so this is how
you do it,you click your settings,you go over here to network and internet and that’s where you do it , right there on the right hand side real easy to do guys

  • Install Bluetv & Bluevod & playback

So go back to the home screen, and you’ll add your live tv; if you wanted to add Hulu to the live tv section, you’ll click Add, and select Hulu and you’ll add your live tv.
well, I could do that, and they’re going to both be right there on your live tv, let’s go back one more same thing with the void you’re going to put the Bluevod in this section if you want to add something else, like, for example, you wanted to do film plus in that section, as well because I’ve got lots of movies on there you’ll do that and then just hit the back button. There it is right there, and once again, we’ll go back here and playback the same thing; you’ll
just put your playback right there, so that’s the initial setup

  • Uninstall apps
  • Setup shortcuts

All the hot buttons at the bottom, and you’ll
see that here in just a second. So here you go the screen right here; you can move around right here now; all your apps are going to be in the app section, so they’re going to be right down here

Clear the Cache of the SuperBox S3 Pro

 if you want to update this is where you download your downloads are going to be and if you want to for example clear that cache or background apps or your box may be running slow after running it for a year or two, you can just click the rocket ship, I do it regularly and that just clears up your system memory, it’s really easy to do, one click of a button, you just can’t beat that. it’s pretty fantastic.

Trash Icon is where you can find all you can trash.

Microphone Icon is where you get help or SuperBox Support on the box which is great, you don’t get help on boxes with any other service that I know about, but you do right here, right there at the bottom all right so let’s get into the good stuff, the stuff you came here for what is it about this box that sets it apart from all the other boxes.

Now we introduce the voice capability. It’s all about the voice capability and the searchability, not just the live tv and the movies and all this; you can get this in many boxes, but this one has that voice capability to find those tv programs or those movies or things like that that you struggle to find on other boxes, so, for example, many people will say well you can get a google certified box. You can use google ai voice, well that’s true. Still, you can’t do it on third-party apps; this works with third-party apps that set it apart. There’s nothing like it on the market, so I’ll just give you an example, I’ll just hit the voice remote and say “TV” that simple, and now it’s loading up the tv,

think the last channel I was watching on. If you wanted to see what the weather’s like, just say weather channel, it changes the channel for you. It goes to the weather channel.

If you like ESPN, there are tons of ESPN channels on here, Just Say “ESPN”,

you’ll notice this box has tons of ESPN channels built-in; you don’t have to pay for it regularly. ESPN news, you ESPN plus all these ESPN plus channels, even the Spanish ESPN are all here. Tons and tons of ESPN channels; the same goes for NFL. Let’s say ” NFL”, it’s Sunday football; you want to watch it; if it’s going to pull up NFL now, it’s going to pull up the NFL Network, NFL red zone, which is included, and all of the games.

And I’ll show you the games coming up, so we got colts versus bills, and you can see all of the games coming on, and when they’re going to be on all by just asking for it, it’s fantastic.

How To add channels to favorite list

For example, I want to look at regional media, I’m in Columbus, so I want to watch ABC in Columbus, all you would need to do is go to it hold the okay button down for three seconds, see a little star, it’s now in your favorite, so when you go up to favorites which should be on the far left, hang every time you open it up, it’ll be right here click on it, and there is the Columbus channel now you can do all of your channels and list them all your regulars.

SuperBox S3 Pro Channels

all the channels that are on here. Just do a really quick overview, so you’ve got your favorites obviously, you’ve got your network tv net network’s going to be all these channels I’m just going to go through really quick really fast you can see how many channels are really on here. If you want to see a full channel lineup, you can go right to our website. (a) 24X7 channels, which I know a lot of our customers like. (b) pay-per-view events right here. As you can see events are going on every day.(c) NBA, so you’re going to have the full NBA package, all the games for the NBA are included in this (d)NFL, you got your major league baseball you’ve got NFL. (e) NCAA football. There are all your college games right here. they are all on the right just like that super easy. College basketball, you’ve got a hl package now you’ve got music channels if you want to listen to some music you can do that as well here are all the (f)Canadian channels, and (g) Latino channels.(h) SUPERSPORT channels which is a new thing, (i)MLB,(j)NHL (k) music, and then that looks like it is it so as you can see there are all kinds of channels on here. just so many.
It’s crazy thousands of channels too many to talk about, but if you search for something you want to watch, that’s the easiest way to do it;

SuperBox S3 Pro  BlueVOD

It’s Bluevod if you’re not familiar with that incredible how many movies are on here.So let’s load it up to take a look.

.so you can save favorites, or tv shows and things like that at the top, you’ve got your newest .these are the latest and greatest ones. We add movies to this every single day. how many movies were there? There were about 12 533 movies there are tons of movies on here, and I’m going to show you the voice capability of this in just a second. then you’ve got your tv series here, there are about 2 391 series, some of the latest new ones on here as well you can check by genre if you like documentaries, you can look at all the documentaries here.

If you are a massive fan of I don’t know tom cruise; all you need to do is just hit the voice and say “tom cruise”. It’ll pull up all the tom cruise movies, anything he’s affiliated with, so you can look at the tv series you can look at the film.

As you can see, there are all of the tom cruise movies . That same goes for a director, let’s say “Steven Spielberg” and it will show all the movies that he has directed, pretty cool, right? I mean that now make sure you uncheck this when you search for something else, like if you want to look for a specific movie or something like that.

I never have any problems with BlueVOD; the quality is HD and they don’t buffer. I’ve been incredibly impressed with these boxes here, and the quality is good. It just takes a second or two to get to the load process, and then it just plays perfectly. It’s wonderful, and I don’t even have the best wi-fi speed in my office but it still works well. 

Now I could go on and on about the super box, the new Superbox. There are so many cool features, so many cool apps; there’s a built-in browser, and you’ve got the full voice remote .you’re not going to get better than this, this is absolutely an incredibly credible box .now if you were looking for a box with crazy specs, you want to add your own apps, you want to do all these things to it, maybe this isn’t the box for you. Get another box get an Nvidia shield, or something like that you pay the monthly fees, or try to get a Kodi or something to hack, some free stuff, and if you’re a tech person, go for it, do it.
I have a couple of boxes I play with like that all the time. Still, to be honest with you, this is what most people want, they want to get rid of the cable bill; they want it easy, they want it built in, they want them to maintain the box, they want them to update the box every day, I know some people are going to say well what if the service shuts down, I’ve been using this for three years straight, never shut down .how much money did I save? It’s a no-brainer guy Superbox s3 Pro, the brand new brand newest box out there for fully loaded android boxes.