SuperBox S3 Pro Remote Programming & Voice Control Function Setting Guide

Today I’m gonna introduce you to the Superbox S3 pro voice control remoter.

I will show you how to program your super box remoter and how to parent it to your tv box

and how it works.

Let’s take a look at the remote it’s quite different from the s2 pro’s remote

on the front of the remote, we can see there’s a voice button in the middle that’s the biggest change compared to the s2 pro’s remote and this is the key database remote support the s3 pro’s belt’s new voice control system,

on the back it takes a curved design that includes the pairing guide and the programming guide

it’s very shallow which is great because that looks much better.

The First one is how to program the SuperBox S3 Pro remote and also called the learning function.

That means you can use the super box remote to narrow a few tv remote buttons function .then when you use the super box to watch tv you don’t need to use the tv remote to control tv. super box remote to control the box all you need is one super box remote to control both your tv and the super box. You can see there are four buttons outlined with the white

.these four buttons were made for the program.

In first, hold the small power button in the area until the flashlight keeps on. that means it went to the program instead .then press the power button again

you will see the flash start blinking .next aim for your tv remote and the super box remote. press the tv power button when the super box remote light stops blinking. the power button was being programmed.

Next the same operation for the volume up and down buttons and another one you want to be programmed.

After finish the programming process press any button outside the programming area to access to a programming status.

 now you can use the Superbox remote to turn or off your tv and adjust the volume.

 The next one is how to pair your super box remote to the box .this remote supports both infrared and Bluetooth.

 we are not connected to the box it can work. we aim It to the box because it is an infrared remote.

but only if you pair the remote to the box with Bluetooth the voice control function can be activated.

now let’s get started .in the first we turn on the box and then press the voice button on the remote. it will go to the parent page then we hold the OK and the RETURN button together.

for like 8 seconds until the red light flashes.

next press the ok button the red light will flash quicker, than stop the parent page will also show connected that means the parent process will succeed, you can go back to the home screen.

and click settings ->the remote and accessories, you can see that the rc100 was connected. this rc100 is the remote name. now we go back to the home screen and press the voice can see the voice function was being activated.